26 Jun

Houses nowadays are being recommended to install bamboo flooring for their floors. The popularity of this material is due to the fact that homeowners are now appreciating the classic effect that this material is bringing to the floors. Nowadays, using eco-friendly materials are becoming a trend and being endorsed by our society. Bamboo flooring is a renewable source and its a better alternative to hardwood, thus minimizing the need to cut down these useful trees. Not only is bamboo material environment friendly, it is easy to install and affordable.

The nature of the bamboo is that it is resistant to moisture and so because of this, you do not need to worry about stains or spills that your floor will be subjected to. The application or installation of bamboo flooring can be done by gluing, nailing or made into the so-called floating floor. Besides, cutting tools are no longer needed unlike what you will use for hardwood because bamboos are already tailor-made for your floor as you buy them. Another advantage of bamboo material is that they can be installed over a concrete subfloor or over an inexpensive plywood.  

If you compare to hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring is more stable and durable. The lamination process would involve 2 to 3 layers, thus minimizing or eliminating the effect of expansion and contraction because of intense heat and pressure. Because bamboo material can withstand delamination and buckling, they have a structural warranty of 10 years.

Another advantage of having Perth Bamboo Flooring is that its maintenance is simple and cleaning is easy to do. What you need is only a soft broom to wipe away dirt and particles. A simple care for bamboo is to put a mat on the floor to minimize or avoid scratches on your flooring. Might be awkward to tell your visitors, but walking while wearing high heeled shoes should be avoided or minimized to avoid dents, and other simple cautions like dragging chairs on the floor, and wearing of rubber shoes.

Bamboo suppliers are already abound nowadays and you can find them in your locality. They offer items using bamboo like curtains, blinds, shutters, aside from the flooring, which are available in various styles and colours, like brunette gloss, brunette semi gloss, compressed natural matte, natural semi gloss, timber flooring, and others. Compressed bamboo are also offered in natural light, natural dark, mixed coffee and dark coffee. They offer a warranty of 5 years for the flooring finishes against fading of coating, lifting or peeling.

Considered as the most appealing and attractive in our times about the quality of bamboo is that it is a renewable source. The same plant can be re-grown, and would only take 4 to 5 years to re-grow the bamboo grass, plus it does not attract the usual dust and mites that wood is known to have. For more information, check out Bamboo Flooring in Perth for more details.

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